Surfing the Cook Islands - Surf Camps, Surf Schools and Accommodation


Kia Orana  “ Welcome to the Cook Islands “.With its unique beaches, breathtaking nature and a fascinating culture spread over the 15 islands of the archipelago. The Cook Islands are really worth a visit.

The fauna and flora alone are quite amazing and when out and about there will always be special places and special things to discover. Visitors should defiantly have a look at an Ura ceremony, where a traditional dance is performed and in the ocean, beautiful reefs ideal for snorkelling abound.

Unfortunately, spear fishing destroyed them partly and so in some places they have been declared as sanctuaries and cannot be dived.

From July to September you may be lucky enough to watch humpback whales returning from the Antarctic.



The climate on the Cook Islands is tropical. From April to November the western trade winds provide a cooling influence.

The period from December to March is much warmer but also the amount of rainfall is higher. The temperatures don’t really vary a lot throughout the whole year and  always stays between 24 °C and 28 °C.

The mountains are often covered with cloud but on the coasts the sun is nearly always shining.


Most waves on the Cook Islands break over sharp coral reef. Therefore they are not suitable for beginners. However for the more advanced surfer the Cook Islands have great potential for discovery and, many waves have only been surfed a few times and some not at all.

Because of being islands surfers can find a protected spot or a spot with offshore wind in a variety of conditions.

The surest way of finding the best line-ups and conditions is to get in contact with the locals, and with some luck, they may reveal one of their secrets.

Best season for beginners: From September to May

Best season for advanced surfers: From June to October

Crowds: The waves get pretty crowded during summertime

Travel information

Normally, the journey goes via New Zealand, Australia or the USA. The Rarotonga International Airport (RAR) is very well connected, as the Cook Islands is a holiday destination for Australians and New Zealanders.

Air Rarotonga links the several islands with each other. On Rarotonga, the main island of the chain there is also a well developed bus system.