Surfing in Canada


Canada is located in the far north of the North American continent. Canada is blessed with having two different coasts to call its own: In the west the country ends at the Pacific and in the east at the Atlantic.

Canada is especially suited for lovers of the outdoors. Majestic mountains, deep lakes, lush green valleys and enormous waterfalls shape the landscape. Especially the Yukon wildlife reservation and Vancouver Island are worth a trip.  



The climate in Canada can be broken down into the four seasons as in Europe. The interior has a continental climate with hot summers and cold, rather dry winters.

The southwest due to its close proximity to the ocean is rather milder and in this region even in the deepest winter hardly any snowfall occurs.


Surfing in Canada is a very unique experience. Snow covered mountains in the background, clear and cold water and an occasional visit from a dolphin create a magical atmosphere.

However surfing is limited to the Pacific side as here as the climate is more comfortable and the water isn’t as cold in the summer months.

The region around Vancouver Island is one of the best in Canada. There is also a large number of stopper waves in the rivers, the probably most famous and dangerous one is surely the Skookumchuck.

Best season for beginners: June – October
Best season for advanced surfer: All year long

Crowd factor: low

Travel information

Most travellers arrive in Canada via the airlines. There are direct connections from all continents to Canada. The destination will be one or the other of the two big airports of the country, either Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or Calgary International Airport (YYC). Additionally in Canada a lot of small national airports exist in order to overcome the large distances within the country.

Around and between the cities, the bus networks are very good. If you wish to have more flexibility in your trip you should rent a car. An exciting and highly recommended alternative for long distances is to take the train to cross Canada and you can enjoy the unbelievable landscape in comfort and peace.