Surfing in Maldives


The Maldives are famous for its dream like beaches and unspoiled underwater world and also for its beautiful weather and high temperatures. The Island-state consists of 1190 islands and numerous atolls and is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday adventure with memories that will last a lifetime. The unique beauty that the Maldives offers is totally unique. Even your the arrival in itself is a small adventure.

After landing in one of the countries airports the journey continues by boat or a small water-plane to one of the smaller islands. The turquoise warm water is ideal for snorkelling, swimming or of course to ride on some of the numerous perfect waves, but also the snow white beaches are inviting for many other leisure activities.



The climate on the Maldives is tropical and the average annual temperature is about 28-31 degrees. At night it hardly cools down and temperatures only drop by 2-3 degrees. The usual water temperature is 26-28 degrees. The humidity is with 75-80% which is relatively high; the resulting mugginess is relieved by the constant sea breezes.

From April till September the monsoons arrive from the south west and from November till April the monsoon wind changes direction and blows from northeast. There is actually no rainy season on the Maldives it’s just that during the southwest monsoon season heavy rain may last for several days. Usually the rain falls in short and heavy downpours and mostly at night time.  


The popularity of the Maldives as a surfing destination has increased massively over the last few years. Surfers therefore overrun many formerly unknown spots. This is no wonder as the constant warm water makes surfing all year long without a wetsuit possible.

The biggest waves can be found in July and August. In the other months the waves are rather small and therefore also suitable for beginners. Beside the numerous spots that are accessible from land there are many other spots which break on the outer reefs and reef passes and are only accessible by boat.

Best season for beginner: November – March
Best season for advanced surfer: June – September

Crowd factor: higher in the summer month

Travel information

The Maldives have connections almost daily from all major international airports. Cheap offers are available all year. The only airport is called Hulule and is on the island of the same name, just two kilometres away from Male.

Once you arrive on Hulule you continue your journey either by water-plane or by speedboats that go to more remote destinations. In general you should book an “Air-Taxi” if the trip by boat exceeds two hours. Besides saving time, the flight gives unforgettable views of these emerald green islands embedded in a deep blue sea.